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Greater Manchester has 1,400 hours of sunlight every year.

Every hour that the sun shines and you don’t have solar pv, your business could be losing money.

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Why Solar?

With energy bills on the rise, the payback time for solar pv is a record low and many businesses are turning to the on-site renewable energy source to reduce their reliance on the grid and unreliable energy prices.

As the fastest zero-carbon technology to deploy, investing in solar will offer businesses low-cost, low-carbon electricity whilst developing self-sufficiency, so rising energy costs are no longer an issue. 

Solar is an attractive proposition as it is easy to understand and is relatively straightforward to integrate into a building. The technology is low maintenance, low-carbon, long-lasting and as an added benefit owners can sell excess energy back to the grid.


What are the benefits?

Average payback time after solar pv install is between 4 and 6 years

Reduce annual electricity costs by between 40% and 80%

Reduce CO2e emissions by between 3-5 tonnes per year

Greater Manchester has the potential to generate 4.8m MWh of electricity every year through solar

The emission reductions would be the equivalent of taking 13.9m cars off the road for one year

The emission reductions would be the equivalent of planting 1bn trees

Bee Net Zero are bringing together all of the support, advice and tools that our partners offer to help your Greater Manchester business figure out the logistics of solar, establish the business case and ultimately decide whether if it’s the right cost saving, carbon reducing technology for your business.

If you’re a Greater Manchester business let us help you take the first steps on your net zero journey through the power of solar.

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Helping you understand solar

Green Intelligence Solar Guide

Green Intelligence, powered by Green Economy, has created a guide to help businesses understand how solar can be a part of their net zero action plan. They can help you find the right installer, understand barriers and outcomes of installing solar. 

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Electricity North West

Bee Net Zero partner, Electricity North West has plenty of information for businesses considering switching to renewable energy sources like solar. Learn more about how they can help businesses on the journey to net zero and how to take action.

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Find a Supplier

To make finding an installer simple, Green Economy has a free to use online market place. The directory of installers, equipment suppliers and solution providers allows buyers to find and connect with local, trusted firms.

Find a Supplier

Green Finance

Access to finance is one of the biggest barriers that prevents Greater Manchester businesses from adopting green technologies. This guide brings together all available grants and loans that can help businesses to install solar.

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SSE Energy Solutions Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Pieter Dhaen Sector Director at SSE Energy Solutions explains how SSE Energy Solution's unique Pay-as-you-use PPA model that is helping small and large businesses with greater financial security when using renewables.

Read more

Energy Saving Trust's Solar Energy Calculator

Use the solar energy calculator from Energy Savings Trust for an idea as to the benefits you may see from installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. This tool provides estimates for fuel bill savinsg and financial payments you may receive by installing a solar pv.

Learn more

More about Solar

Bee Net Zero Partners have put together guides to help businesses across Greater Manchester better understand the transition to solar. These guides, blogs and case studies explain the advantages of solar, the different tech available and everything customers need to know about switching to solar.

Electricity North West's Guide to Solar Power

Designed to help both individuals and businesses begin their solar power journey, Electricity North West has compiled a guide to solar PV which could help reduce your energy bills and help fight climate change. The guide has links to solar energy calculators, a directory of installers and further trusted guidance.

Green Economy's Guide to The Solar Energy Market


As the rush to make homes gas-free by 2035 begins Green Economy has produced a guide for businesses that sell, provide or install solar products for domestic and commercial use. The purpose of the guide is to understand what buyers want when considering renewable energy generation, and how your business can increase confidence in the technology and your ability to deliver as a supplier.

Green Economy Demystifying Solar Webinar


This webinar recording will help you to understand the capability of solar technologies to decarbonise your business. Green Economy's experts talk you through the process involved in implementing solar from feasibility to installation, discussing complementary technologies that will improve the impact of solar to help you save on energy costs

Case Studies

To help you gain a better understanding of how switching to solar can help your Greater Manchester business, we've collated some case studies from across the Bee Net Zero partnership showing the real-life benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Electricity North West

Learn more about how Bee Net Zero partner Electricity North west managed to change their electricity supply to 100% renewable energy across their offices and depots. Their switch to renewables will generate 39,260 kWh of electricity each year and avoid 7.6 tonnes of CO2

Ellard Boarding the Solar-Coaster


Find out how Green Economy supported Ellard in their search for solar installers and helped them to better understand all aspects of the transition to solar including costs, timeframes and requirements.



Based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, QPSL produces polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and aluminium products for the construction industry. Find out how Green Economy helped them on their solar journey through the Journey to Net Zero programme and online marketplace.

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